We are currently doing sublimation print on tee, creates brighter and smoother color variations and transitions than you’ll find with traditional printing system. Almost unlimited colors to choose from. Thousands of colors can be produced with sublimation (even if you choose a 4 color printer). And it doesn’t cost extra to add additional colors to your design.


We have done garments with 100% organic cotton. Which is certified with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The main benefit of organic materials are that the crops aren't treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and Genetically Modified Organisms. Organic cotton uses far less water too.


We have also done garments with 100% recycled polyester. Using more recycled polyester reduces our dependence on petroleum as the raw material for our fabric needs. Diverting PETbottles for this process reduces landfill, and thus reduces soil contamination and air and water pollution and requires less energy than virgin polyester.

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What we do?

We provide complete sourcing solutions for men, women and kids clothing from Bangladesh. Our manufacturers are specialised in knitting, woven, sweaters and denim garments in various fabrics, styles with branding labels, tags or any other packaging materials as per customer choice and design.

We are serving the following ways


Costing & Pricing

We give initial costing of the garment within 48 hours, after receiving the spec sheet or tech pack or physical sample of the garment along with order quantity. Price of a product depends on the styling, order quantity, number of sizes, trims & accessories, packaging details and mode of payment. We negotiate on yarn, fabric, washing, sewing, printing and embroidery, also with all the trims accessories vendor's individually. In every aspect we ourselves ensure best price along with the required quality. We never compromise with the quality.


Research & Development

We do research on any new styles, or any new fabrics, accessories and/or new trims. And we develop them accordingly from home and/or abroad. This department is for adoption new technology and styles. We are always ready to accept the latest technology and procedure if its commercially viable. Also any new styles from photo, technical drawing or sketch. We do our best to do development.


Technical Assistance

We assist on developing or modification of garment design according to customer's needs and comments. Also we suggest our customers to select proper fabric of the garment according to the requirement. And all other required technical assistance on pattern, stitching, printing, accessories, packaging and other where required. We assist our customers on proper measurements and adjustments as well. We have our experienced technicians.


Patterns & Grading

We make pattern both in computer (CAD) and manually on paper of the garment to develop samples from spec sheet, tech pack and/or physical sample of the garment. Also we do fine tune the patterns to adjust the measurement of the garment, according to the customer’s comment and requirement. We also provide patterns to the customer if required.


Prototypes & Samples

We make Development sample, Fit sample, Design confirmation sample, Size set sample, Pre-production sample and shipment sample accordingly. Any other samples can be prepared if required. Also with the approval of each sample we go for the next stage of sampling according to the standard. We don’t start production without proper approval of samples from buyer. We also can copy from any physical garment.


Yarns & Fabrics

We source the best quality suitable yarn from internationally reputed spinning mills of Bangladesh in order to achieve the targeted GSM quality of fabric by knitting or weaving according to the customer’s requirement. Also we source imported yarns or fabrics form aboard whenever needed. We also develop fabric with all possible customize fabric material by knitting Weaving. We can do almost every type of knitting designs and weaving as well as per the requirements of our customer. Dyed yarn or grey yarn is used as per requirement.


Trims & Accessories

We develop the exact Trims & Accessories as of the customer’s design measurement and requirement, even if it is branded with the logo or name. We have the strongest backward linkage of Trims & Accessories here in Bangladesh. Also we sometimes import them in case if its not available. Even though we take care to ensure the quality of each and every trims and accessories including sewing threads, buttons, poly bags, hangers, labels, zippers, drawcords, and anything else. All sort of testing of trims accessories can be done as per the exact requirements of customers.


Washing & Treatments

We also ensure all sorts of garment fabric washing and chemical treatments. Different types finishing coating is done according to the demand or requirement. Depending on garments construction different types of washing process can be done. Like Normal wash/ garment wash/rinse wash, Pigment wash, Caustic wash, Enzyme wash, Stone wash, Stone enzyme wash, Tinting (Tie) & Over Dyeing(Dip Dyeing), Bleach wash, Acid wash, Silicon wash etc.


Printing & Embroidery

Any types of printing on garments, on cut panel, on fabric is possible. We do all types of Placement Print and All Over Print (AOP). Printing like pigment, rubber, discharge, high density, plastic sole, cracked, flok, foil, glitter, afsan, emboss can be done with us. Embroidery is also not a problem for us with the wide variations color quality of embroidery thread. Along with RE, sequence and stone we can do. Also we do digital print and sublimation print as well.


Production Planning

We start planning with our raw material vendors after order confirmation. Also we do production plan with the garment cut sew factory according to the customer’s required time to meet the deadline. Then our team strongly monitor if all the raw materials get into the warehouse on time. Also we monitor if the production is going according to plan on a daily basis. We report the production status to customer if required.


Cutting, Sewing & Finishing

After all the sample approval and payment clearance, when the fabric reached to the factory, the first step is marker to cut the fabric. Right after the biggest step is sewing where the garment gets its shape, Then under finishing section we do ironing to make the garment look sharp and packaging is followed by. We do those steps in our own factory and sometimes when we are preoccupied, we use our vendors factory. In Bangladesh there are more than 5000 nos. cut sew factories. We always prefer factories with Japanese/Germany/USA sewing machines along with standard working environment. Also we have factories with full compliance and the CM (cost of making) should be reasonable as well.


Quality Controlling

Quality is our commitment. We have QC's in the line, at the end of the sewing and we have QCafter finishing. And then we have final QC check section for our own factory. For the other vendor's factory we have our own QC team to check the quality from yarn to the shipment, which includes all necessary approval processes like fabric handfeel, color shade, print quality, garment etc. We simply ensure the quality of garment by our own QC team. Also we check the quality of all the trims accessories as well. Only the best quality garments are shipped to the customer.


Testing & Reporting

Testing of Fabric, prints, accessories, garment and all other items. We are comfortable with co-operating companies like UL, SGS, Bureau VERITAS, Intertek etc. Fabric tests like; Strength of the fabric, Abrasion resistance, Stiffness test, Drape test, Crease recovery test, Pilling test, Color fastness test, Shrinkage test. And thus we submit report to the customers.


Shipment & Tracking

We ensure on time delivery by following up with the factory and also follow up with the logistic company for shipment. We do custom clearance from our side. We also keep our customer updated if necessary. And we track the cargo by a continuous follow up with the freight forwarder. To ensure the best services.


Shipping & Delivery

We can clear customs of customer's country if our customer have got import license. And we also ensure delivery up to customers warehouse. Our vendor logistic company has got agent in most of the country.

Working Procedure

This is the procedure that we normally follow. But we also do exceptions if needed.

Now is the time to jump on the production. Our main target is to get the best possible quality. No compromise with the quality AT ALL!!! But within the time that we've promised with our customer. QC is our motto, which comes with Quality and Commitment.
The last part of the game is shipment. We do the shipment by air, or by sea and also by currier. The interesting part is we also assist our customers by delivering the goods up to their warehouse by facing even their country's customs to clear the goods. Also we do insurance to ensure the delivery if required.
We need to know the product details, such as fabric details, measurement, trims and accessories details and packaging details. Also we need to know the order quantity and number of sizes. What quantity on which size, and the payment method. Also we can assist our customers to understand the points and give all the required technical assistance to fulfill the technical requirements. We can also find our every technical details even form a photo or any physical garments.
On the basis of the product and order details, we start calculating the price of the garment. Normally we take 3 different quotations from our vendors for the raw materials and compare the best price in terms of quality. We don't always go for the cheapest one. Rather than we prefer to go with the best solution. Along with the price we also fix the payment method at the same time.
The next step is to develop the sample according to the specification and send to the customer for approval. If the sample isn't perfect then we take comments from the customer and remake the sample with the correction. Before we start the production we need to make sure that the customer is 100% satisfied with the sample.
Soon as the customer is happy with the sample. We take the order confirmation by getting payment. For small quantity order we normally prefer TT or wire transfer, for the tiny orders we accept paypal. For the larger order we suggest LC (letter of credit).

Our Customers Worldwide

These are the countries that we are exporting currently.

Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Australia


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